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Jig Fixture is a full service inspection tool manufacturer that offers high quality products, jig fixture, exceptional service and competitive prices. We offer in-house capabilities to design, build and CMM certify your accessories for a variety of markets, including automotive, heavy equipment, military, alternative and aerospace. We are a reliable and preferred manufacturer of inspection accessories for suppliers around the world. From last many years we have for all time been leaders in the industry when assessing our relationships with customers and our quality above all else. By choosing Checkingfixture for jig fixture you will find that we are ready to serve you beyond your expectations.

Jig Fixture Services for the manufacture of templates and accessories

Checking fixture has been a trusted contract manufacturer of precision components, which includes templates, accessories and meters for major companies all over the world. As a company that complies with ISO 9001: 2000, we have served various industries, including aerospace, automotive (including all-terrain vehicles), computers, electronics, defence, energy. From rapid prototyping with CAD to work with complex designs with or without drawings, our experienced engineers, internal programmers and machinists will work with you to manufacture your templates, accessories, meters and special machines according to your exact specifications. We will also work with difficult machining materials and exotic metals such as titanium, Inconel, composites, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as foundries and forgings. So if you need jig fixture services then get in touch with our customer care services.