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Auto gauging: specialized in fuel management, checkingfixture provides automatic gauging tank metering solutions that will help you achieve more accurate figures when measuring fuel. Most owners of checking fixture products stored in tanks are accustomed to controlling their stock by submerging the tank with an immersion dipstick. The value on the rod is a rough estimate of the product level. Modern times with high fuel prices require a more reliable method to control wet stock.

Are you worried about the following?
  • The inaccuracies of the dipstick make it difficult to reconcile the stock level with the volume sold through the dispensers.
  • The daily opening of manholes in the esplanade to submerge represents a danger for its personnel and its customers.
  • The product in the tanks is contaminated by dirt entering the tank during the dive or dirt on the dipstick.
  • Fraud occurs when the pump employees record the dives.
  • Water contamination is not detected at an early stage.

  • The automatic gauging measurement of the tank has the following advantages:
  • Auto gauging and accurate reconciliation to sales volumes.
  • Delivery detection with confirmation of volume, date and time.
  • Leak detection.
  • Remote level recording with an accuracy of 1 mm.
  • Automatic calibration of tank levels.
  • Early detection of water with local and remote alerts.
  • Remote reorganization and minimum level alerts.
  • Remote programming of orders from the fuel supplier or the bulk carrier's central office.
  • Remote reconciliation of fuel supplied to the site to resolve delivery disputes.
  • So if you need auto gauging services then get in touch with our customer care services.