Professional Checking Fixture Maker


Design Capability1

Success depends on details

Currently we have 12 members on our design department:2 of them are senior engineers who are experienced in checking fixture industries for more than 8 years. 4 of them are engineers, with the related working experiences for minimum 5 years. There are also 4 designers(more than 3 years experiences) and 2 designing students. Work-station is the standard system for checking fixture design. All the data including input or output data are managed in our servers. Professional designing software of RIXING are CATIA, UG, AutoCAD. Not only familiar with European and Japanese technical standard, but also establish our own standards and perfect database. We are skilled in designing of BIW, interior parts, exterior parts, sheet metal parts of the fixture and measuring support, design capacity is 90-150 sets per month.

R & D Process