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Piovan launches granulators with new cutting system


Photo by Piovan New technology leads to a more regular cut and more dimensionally consistent regrind, says Piovan

Piovan has developed a new range of small, medium and large granulators, with a tangential cutting system which it calls “absolutely unique”.

The Italian company said: “The rotary blades are inclined with respect to the fixed blades and are positioned as close as possible to the geometric tangent of the cutting circle, therefore optimising and improving cutting precision. In this way, high production capacities are achieved using smaller motors, with the additional benefit of minimising dust production and heat generation. These features ensure a more regular cut and more dimensionally consistent regrind.”

The new granulators are also unlike others on the market, said Piovan, because the cutting chamber is made from machined pieces, which are then assembled rather than being cast or welded. The resulting high-precision components improve the efficiency of the cut and the quality of the ground product.

Piovan has designed the granulators with the capability for customisation, so they can be modified to suit any process, such blow moulding, extrusion, injection moulding. They can also be modified in response to customer requests in terms of space, granulator loading and unloading requirements.

At Fakuma 2015, Piovan presented the N35-60 machine as part of its new range. It features a 90? adjustable hopper for four loading positions, so if it is fed by conveyor belt, the direction of the belt can always suit the granulator hopper inlet, saving space and simplifying maintenance.

N35-60 is part of a family of three granulators designed specifically to process large pieces such as injection moulded food containers, large blow moulded bottles or cans, and tanks, bins, gardening products and toys made using rotational moulding.

Piovan also referred to its single-shaft shredders, suitable for recovering purgings from start-ups or material replacements. The range includes four models, each with a hopper that can vary in size from 600 x 600 mm to 1,500 x 1,500 mm.