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Plastivaloire to expand production at Slovak BAP auto parts plant


Photo by Plastivaloire Plastivaloire

Another French auto components supplier has plans to invest in the expansion of its production capacity in the Nitra area of Slovakia.

Bourbon Automotive Plastics (BAP), now fully owned by the French company Groupe Plastivaloire, has proposed a project to extend both manufacturing and warehouse storage areas at its plant at ?ab, near Nitra.

The BAP plan, still under scrutiny by the Slovak authorities for its likely environmental impact, will involve the expansion of its 9,000 square metres interior plastic parts moulding operation by a further 1,900 square metres at the site.

In addition, the firm intends to extend the plant’s existing 6,000 square metres of warehousing space by 1,900 square metres to allow for new growth in the component business.

BAP is an established supplier of auto parts to the French car manufacturing group PSA Peugeot. The Slovak plant includes a chrome-plating line in its operation facilities.

Based on the project documentation, Bourbon is reported to be planning to increase the size of its workforce at the ?ab site by more than 50, by adding 17 workers to the three shifts.

Less than a year ago, Plastivaloire, which is a specialist in producing plastic interior car components, acquired the remaining 33% stake in BAP.

Langeais-based Plastivaloire and Bourbon came together through an initial acquisition in 2011.

Groupe Plastivaloire has 26 production sites in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Romania, the UK, Portugal and Tunisia. It operates more than 600 injection presses of between 25 – 2,700 tonnes clamping force as well as automated painting lines.