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Nolato sees its best ever operating profit in 2015


Photo by Nolato Medical Nolato Contour's clean room in Baldwin, US.

Swedish technical injection moulder Nolato has announced record operating profit (EBITA) in 2015 of SEK 570m (€60m) up from 2014’s SEK 470m (€49.3m).

The company has also reported increased annual sales of SEK 4,726m (€497.5m) for 2015 up from 2014’s sales of SEK 4,234m (€445.4m).

Nolato President and CEO Hans Porat said: “For the fourth consecutive year, this is the best operating profit in the Group’s history. In 2015, we have continued according to our established strategy of creating a well-balanced Group structure, with a focus on technological development, project management and productivity. This has contributed to stronger customer relations, advancement in our market positions and greater profitability.”

Nolato Medical’s sales rose to SEK 1,464m (€154.1m), whilst its Industrial business sales were SEK 1,251m (€131.5m) an increase of 11% on 2014’s results. Meanwhile Nolato Telecom’s sales for 2015 dropped 8% on 2014 to SEK 2,017m (€212m).

Nolato says it continued expansion to secure growth in China, Hungary and Sweden in 2015. Nolato currently operates in Europe, Asia and North America.