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PLA-based Floreon outperforms HDPE in trials


Photo by Silvergate Plastics With Floreon, we were able to produce a perfect bottle, said Chris Young, sales manager, Silvergate Plastics.

In September of this year, Silvergate Plastics, a UK manufacturer of colour masterbatch, announced it was joining forces with Floreon-Transforming Packaging Limited and would manufacture that company’s PLA-based Floreon compound.

Silvergate Plastics has now trialled the product in the production of plastic bottles as an alternative to HDPE.

The trial was performed by Silvergate’s sales manager, Chris Young, and Andrew Gill, technical director of Floreon Transforming Packaging, on precisely the same equipment as that used to process HDPE bottles. After determining the correct parameters, it proved possible to mould a bottle that satisfied all specifications and offered a viable alternative to HDPE.

More importantly, however, as Chris Young noted: “Whilst we achieved a great result, the most impressive aspect of the trial was how simple it was to run. In all honesty, this was a very easy trial."

Floreon is said to be four times tougher than standard PLA, 100% industrially compostable within 90 days and completely recyclable. Its formulation improves impact resistance and increases processing efficiencies, reducing cycle times and saving energy through lower operating temperatures. Applications include plastic bags and pouches, plastic trays, bottles, cutlery, textiles, fibres and durable items, such as automotive interior panels and household goods.