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Learn about the benefits of dry ice


A free webinar presented by Cold Jet and hosted by Plastics News Europe is providing the opportunity for plastics and rubber manufacturers to find out how they can benefit from dry ice technology.

Steve Wilson, from dry ice specialist company Cold Jet, is presenting the webinar this Thursday 19 November at 15.00 CET.

Cold Jet says that using dry ice lowers mould cleaning costs, increases operating efficiencies and improves part quality.

The various uses for recycled dry ice in the plastics and rubber industries will be discussed: from cleaning moulds at operating temperatures while they are still in the machine, deburring and deflashing plastic parts, as well as using recycled dry ice to prepare the surface of plastic parts before painting.

During the webinar, attendees will achieve a benchmark understanding of how the process works, how it can extend the asset life of their tooling, improve worker safety and eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals.

Register for the free webinar here.