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Lati will target metals


(Published November 2007) Italian compounding group Lati has launched a new line of high stiffness injection moulding compounds, which it is targeting at metal replacement applications.

The Ultra-Stiff line is based on PA, PPS, PPA and PEEK resins reinforced with high modulus carbon fibre.

Lati says the materials can provide tensile elastic modulus up to 50,000 MPa, against 15,000 MPa for an ordinary carbon reinforced thermoplastics compound. It quotes load at break of up to 300 MPa, against 200 MPa for typical highly filled glass or carbon fibre reinforced compounds.

Ultra-stiff compounds can be injection moulded on standard moulding equipment, do not require curing processes and are fully recyclable.

Lati sees the materials replacing aluminium alloys.