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PC provides a “focused” sound solution


(Published November 2007)

The company’s Hypersonic Sound series of speakers are designed to “beam” a column of sound to the precise position of the listener, which the company says results in reduced levels of noise pollution in both open and confined spaces.

Applications include delivery of audio information to customers in point-of-sale display, or delivering essential safety messages to critical control room staff.

Key to the function of the speaker is the transducer housing, which is moulded in Makrolon 2558 polycarbonate resin from Bayer Material Science (BMS). The thin wall part, which measures 125mm by 275mm by 9mm, is produced in a structured mould which creates the perpendicular and diagonal ribs that provide the required stiffness.

BMS provided design advice on this complex part.

“Makrolon polycarbonate resin replaced a part of the HyperSonic Sound device that was previously machined out of aluminum, resulting in vast improvements in cost and weight,” says Nancho Lopez, director of engineering at American Technology Corporation, San Diego.

“The material also allowed for a new bonding process that improved production cycle times and yields, and resulted in lower materials and assembly costs as well.”