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Perlos to expand IML expertise


(Published November 2007) Finnish telecoms moulder Perlos, now owned by Taiwanese electronics group Lite-On, has partnered with Serigraph to develop its in-mould labelling technology offering for mobile phone industry customers.

The first stage of the arrangement involves setting up a dedicated IML factory at its plant in Guangzhou, China. The facility, which will be built by Serigraph and its Chinese joint venture partner SE Printing, is intended to be operational by the end of the year. Perlos says the plan is to be able to provide an efficient and seamless manufacturing process to its customers.

IML technology is commonly used in today’s mobile phone designs, enabling flexible decoration of parts at the injection moulding machine. It is especially suitable for placement of printed images, text and logos, as well as simulating leather or wood effects.

Perlos and Serigraph also plan to collaborate to develop new IML applications for mobile devices, with integrated covers being a key development area.