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Shielded plastics screen out metal


(Published November 2007)

The AL6500 device is used for testing bit error rates and data links on satellite displays and rocket launches. To maximise portability, Apogee wanted a lighter weight solution than the sheet metal constructions used on previous models.

RTP developed an RTP 300 Series polycarbonate compound containing stainless steel fibres to provide protection against EMI/RFI in this application. This grade provides good electrostatic dissipation performance, along with impact resistance and UL V-0 flame retardance.

The moulding compound also processes well, according to Kevin Crystal, senior quality engineer at rapid injection moulding company Protomold, which manufactures the instrument casing.

According to Apogee Labs, the lighter weight and lower cost of the polymer casing means it can pitch the AL6500 at more mainstream telemetry applications.