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Conductivity to match metals


A range of injection mouldable conductive compounds with conductivity exceeding 106 S/m and electromagnetic shielding effectiveness above 80 dB in the frequency range of 30kHz to 1.2GHz in 1.5mm thickness was introduced by compounder A Schulman at K 2007.

The Schulatec TinCo products were developed in co-operation with the IKV plastics processing institute in Aachen, together with Siemens in Erlangen and HEK in Lübeck. They consist of 15% thermoplastic, combined with 55% copper fibre and 30% of a low temperature melting alloy from HEK.

A Schulman’s innovation manager Thilo Stier says Schulatec TinCo has electrical conductivity similar to steel. This, he says, opens up potential to use the material in mechatronic applications such as 3D-MID (moulded interconnection devices).

This type of application was illustrated at the show in a demonstration on the Arburg stand, where a 60-tonne three-component Allrounder 370S injection moulding machine produced a light unit with three LEDs.

Arburg said the concept was initiated by German moulder Oechsler and involved integration of a conductive strip in a polyamide version of A Schulman’s Schulatec TinCo product with a clear transparent ABS housing and transparent polyamide lenses.

Oechsler’s manager of medical business Manfred Riehl said one of the interesting features of the LED unit is the more precise location of the LEDs that is achieved.