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Rapid purging without lead


UK-based PVC compound producer Dugdale says that, while the European PVC industry is making rapid progress towards achieving its 2015 lead stabiliser phase-out target, many companies are overlooking their purging and freezing systems.

The company’s latest development is Ducafreeze, a high performance heavy metal free PVC freeze and purging compound with the high temerature resistance required for a wide range of rigid and flexible PVC applications.

According to the company, conventional lead-free purgeand freeze compounds have been unable to meet the requirements of high end PVC applications, where processing temperatures can exceed 200°C.

It claims that the Ducafreeze compound can be used to purge material while processing temperatures are being reduced. It can be left in the tooling and machine for extended periods then purged at start up using standard material and processing temperatures.

Ducafreeze is supplied as a blue pellet – other colours are available to order – and is suitable for injection moulding and extrusion applications.