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Nordson buys Irish medical device company


Photo by Clada Medical Devices Ireland-based Clada Medical Devices specialises in catheters and balloons for medical procedures.

Nordson Corp. of Westlake, Ohio, has acquired Irish design and development company Clada Medical Devices for an undisclosed amount.

Clada Medical Devices focuses on balloons and balloon catheters, using balloon stretch blow moulding to manufacture products from 5-300 millimetres in length and 1-30 mm in diameter, using materials such as polyamide and Pebax.

Nordson makes products and systems for a variety of industries that dispense, apply and control adhesives, coatings, polymers, sealants, biomaterials and other fluids. It also makes inspection products and products for treating and curing surfaces.

Clada Medical Devices will become part of Nordson's medical product line in its advanced technology systems segment.

"Clada enhances Nordson's ... design and development capabilities, which further supports our position as a leading full-device solution and component manufacturing resource for OEM's across the interventional and surgical medical device landscape," Jeffrey Pembroke, executive vice president of Nordson advanced technology systems – fluid management, said in a news release.

Clada is based in Galway, Ireland.