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Bio-based TPU chosen for Smith Optic’s ski googles


US-based sporting eyewear maker Smith Optics has selected a bio-derived TPU from Merquinsa for the frames of its latest Evolve line of ski goggles.

Spanish speciality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) producer Merquinsa said it is the first commercial application of its Pearlthane Eco range of TPUs in this market sector.

The Pearlthane Eco product line is produced from a range of renewable sources, including castor oils and derivatives. The materials are intended for injection moulding and extruded applications and contain between 20% and 90% renewable content (according to the US ASTM D6866 standard), depending on the performance requirement.

The grade chosen by Smith Optics comprises 44% renewable-based content, according to Merquinsa.

Snow Optics said it selected Pearlthane because of its environmental benefits and “outstanding set of performance features” including flexibility at low temperatures, robustness and ease of processing.