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Zweva eases transport with clamshell tanks


The Dutch company Zweva has addressed the high cost of transporting large underground rotationally moulded tanks to construction sites for Belgian customer Eloy.

The new twinwall tanks are produced at the Zweva/Plastigi joint venture facility in Belgium. They are designed to be stacked and nested together, with Zweva saying the clamshell design provides a robust seal.

Zweva development manager Pieter van't Veer says that the company is now generating considerable overseas interest for applications that substitute concrete with lighter weight rotational moulded plastic.

Eloy has previously used twinwall modular rotomoulded PE for production of its Maxykit cistern, which can be assembled to cover a range of capacities from 13,000 to 200,000 litres range. It also supplies a biological reactor in rotomoulded PE.