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Arburg Netherlands celebrates 25th anniversary milestone


25 successful years in the Netherlands: managing partner Renate Keinath with Gerhard B?hm, managing director sales, Gerrit Hazeleger, managing director of Arburg BV, and Stephan Doehler, European director sales (from right).

Arburg Netherlands, the Dutch subsidiary of one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of injection moulding machines, recently celebrated a quarter of a century of success over a three-day period filled with events and festivities.

The celebrations kicked off with a two-day open-house event hosted by Arburg Netherlands at its business facilities built in signature Arburg style in Utrecht.

The company welcomed some 240 customers and other guests with expert presentations and exhibits highlighting the latest developments and trends in plastics processing, including such topics as packaging, Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing and bioplastics.

One of the speakers was a customer who had implemented and successfully worked with Arburg’s ALS system – the company’s proprietary MES solution for the optimisation of the injection moulding production process. His presentation struck a chord – especially with members of the audience who were considering making a similar digital transition.

The exhibits themselves included an Allrounder 570 H packaging model equipped with Brink automation and producing four thin-walled IML tubs in a cycle time of 1.87 seconds; and the Industry 4.0 application shown at the Technology Days last March consisting of a turnkey system for the varied injection moulding of individual elastic tension straps, customised to customer requirements.

The festivities culminated in an anniversary dinner on November 1 attended by the entire Arburg Netherlands team and 80 invited guests. Among those present were Managing Partner Renate Keinath and Managing Director Sales Gerhard B?hm, both of whom addressed the company, congratulating managing director Gerrit Hazeleger and the staff as a whole on the growth and success of the subsidiary. B?hm briefly looked back at the 61 years that Arburg has operated in the Netherlands, first through a trading partner and since 1993, through the present subsidiary - a move ‘designed to intensify local customer support’, he said.

In her speech, Renate Keinath emphasised the achievements of the Dutch Arburg team, referring to their “outstanding commitment” and “high level” of expertise. “These are are highly valued by customers and are an important factor in the success story of Arburg in the Netherlands," she declared.

Together with Managing Director Sales Gerhard B?hm, she thanked customers and employees for their support and presented Gerrit Hazeleger with the traditional Arburg anniversary plaque in recognition of his team's achievements.