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First BPF Health and Safety award goes to Rototek


Photo by BPF Winners of the BPF Health and Safety award (centre)

The first ever British Plastics Federation Health and Safety (H&S) award has been presented to Rototek, headquartered in Newark, for its ’outstanding’ efforts to implement health and safety policy within its processing and manufacturing operations.

The award, open to BPF members operating within the UK, recognises considerable and measurable changes in health and safety policy adherence, as well as programmes and initiatives designed to promote health and safety.

BPF Rotational Moulding group executive, Dr Sara Cammarano was pleased to see the changes made by Rototek. Just last week, the BPF published the world’s first rotational moulding health and safety guidance, which document has been approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is now available free of charge on the BPF website. The guidance provides a list of what to look for when a rotational moulder is carrying out a risk assessment, how to safeguard machines and ensure that all necessary control measures are in place, as well as information about fulfilling legal duties.

Cammarano noted that the type of health and safety policy implemented by Rototek, along with the company’s processing and manufacturing initiative ‘is proving successful and needs to be rolled out across all factories’.

Rototek director Shaun Mills said, “The health and safety of all those at the factory are of paramount importance to us, and we hope this award helps to highlight the importance of health and safety in our industry .”Lysis Technology was awarded as runner-up, commended for its effort to replace volatile solvents (used specifically to develop Protolitte and C4 Polymers).