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UK plastics industry publication PRW to relaunch in January 2019


Julian Buckley, PRW's newly appointed editor

At the well-attended Plastics Industry Awards event in London on Friday, 28 Sept, organiser Crain Communications made an announcement that “would impact everyone here this evening”, as Brennan Lafferty, vice president and group publisher Crain Global Polymer Group phrased it.

“We are bringing back PRW,” he declared.

“We have listened to our readers and advertisers from across the plastics industry in UK and Ireland. There is strong demand for a dedicated plastics publication and website that ties in with the successful annual Plastics Industry Awards and PDM exhibition and conference.”

PRW, which now stands for Plastics and Rubber World, will be a glossy A4 publication rather than the former PRW journal style tabloid and will initially print six times per year, starting in January 2019. Experienced automotive and business journalist Julian Buckley has been appointed as the publication’s new editor.

Julian has been a journalist and magazine editor for over 15 years, covering most major areas of industry operation, ranging from R&D through to purchasing and supply, manufacturing and retail.

PRW will focus on key areas of the plastics and rubber industry, together with news and views from leading business figures. Leading UK plastics industry body the British Plastics Federation (BPF) has confirmed its support for the new publication.

“PRW was a prominent feature of the UK plastics scene since the 1960s and was a well-read and respected journal. We valued it as an effective medium for delivering news throughout the plastics industry. The BPF certainly welcomes its return,” said Philip Law, director general of the BPF.

Supporting the print title with a circulation of 8,000 copies in the UK and Ireland will be a series of digital products including a website featuring daily news updates, exclusive feature articles, a weekly newsletter and regular reader updates and interaction via social media including Twitter, Linked In and Facebook.

PRW will feature Crain’s own related events including the Plastics Industry Awards and the Plastics Design & Moulding trade show (PDM), which incidentally, is being moved to Manchester to promote its further growth and to reach a broader audience.

Commenting on the return of PRW, Richard Brown, managing director of plastics moulding consultants RJG Technologies Ltd said: “It is a momentous turnaround that the vacuum of news in the UK plastic Industry is about to be rectified by the relaunch of PRW. We will regain a platform that has been missed to share the successes and events within our industry once more. This is a significant move by Crain to once again support the UK plastic sector.”

Nigel Baker, managing director of plastic moulding machinery maker Engel UK added: “PRW was the most popular go-to publication and voice for the plastics industry, it was always full of latest news, technology, adverts and the popular situations vacant section. Having been a reader for over 30 years, I am thrilled that the publication will relaunch and confirm my full support going forward. Well done Crain!”