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Cosmetics packaging moulder Quadpack adds new PMMA jar line


Photo by Quadpack Acrylic jars in production at Quadpack Plastic, Spain

Spain-based cosmetics packaging specialist Quadpack Industries has extended its in-house manufacturing capacity by installing a new 250 tonne injection moulding line to produce more acrylic jars.

Its plastic packaging offshoot Quadpack Plastics introduced the latest machine at its 3,000m2 plant in Castellbisball, outside Barcelona. There, the company runs 12 injection moulding machines, from 80 to 250 tonnes clamping force.

Quadpack, which makes a range of packaging parts in plastics and wood, needed an increasing volume of clear and coloured PMMA jars which are used for skincare products. The Barcelona-based group also supplies decorated containers and closures for makeup and perfume markets.

Installation of the new moulding line is part of a €2m investment in plastics processing the firm is making this year, with the rest going into plant automation, expansion and process improvements, it said.

Further investment is planned at the Quadpack Wood plant further north at Borgonyà, Catalonia which makes packaging components such as wooden closures and small containers. There, it intends to double capacity by 2020 with new CNC milling, wood turning, planing and sanding lines.

Quadpack, which currently produces 170 million packaging components annually at its plastics, wood and decorating operations, puts its global success down to a hybrid business model.

Its in-house manufacturing operations still only account for around 20% of the firm’s overall output with much of the remaining business packaging outsourced globally. But Quadpack says it plans to extend its own manufacturing capacity still further.

“Our hybrid setup continues to set the standard in our industry. It gives us a level of flexibility other manufacturers lack, being able to source from around the world,” explained Quadpack chief executive Tim Eaves.

At the same time, he added, the model “allows us to offer a competitive edge to our clients through our own specialised manufacture, unlike sourcing-only operations”.

Formed in 2003, Quadpack has grown rapidly with annual turnover up 30% in the year 2016-17 to €90.7m. Eaves predicted growth in 2018 of around 17% taking sales to €106m. The company has set up new commercial businesses in the Asia-Pacific region and in the US in the past year.