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Arburg United Kingdom celebrates silver anniversary


Photo by Arurg Ceremonial presentation of the anniversary sculpture "25 years of Arburg Ltd." (from right to left): Eugen and Juliane Hehl, Managing Partners, Stephan Doehler, European Director Sales, Colin Tirel, Managing Director Arburg Ltd., Gerhard B?hm, Managing Director Sales, and Frank Davis, former subsidiary manager.

When Arburg sold its first machine in the UK, the year was 1967 and the brand was still relatively unknown. However, the plastics processing industry was going from strength to strength and the Arburg brand flourished with it. Twenty-five years ago, this led to the decision to set up a fully owned subsidiary - Arburg Ltd. - in Warwick. At the time, the subsidiary began with a team of 18, headed by Frank Davis.

Today, the Arburg team has a total of 26 employees, 17 of whom work in after-sales. Services include a hotline manned by specialists, expert service technicians, application engineering consulting, a showroom with Allrounders for testing customer moulds, a well-stocked spare parts warehouse and a wide range of training courses.

The silver anniversary was celebrated in style, with an evening event attended by among others, Arburg managing partners Eugen Hehl, his daughter, Juliana Hehl, who presented the traditional anniversary sculpture to Colin Tirel, Managing Director of Arburg Ltd. Frank Davis, the company’s first managing director, was among the 90 guests to attend.