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Meusburger: One-stop solution for molding is on the rise, will keep on investing China


Founded in 1964, Meusburger Group is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality products for die, mould, and jigs and fixtures construction. During CHINAPLAS 2019 , Matthias G.Adler , head of global sales, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG, told CPRJ that more and more customers were looking for one-stop solutions for molding, “Meusburger has more than 50 years in the field of high-precision standard parts, we are able to offer high quality products in constant availability. “ He mentioned that although there are some companies making standard parts for molding, but few of them could offer die, mould, and jigs and fixtures construction as well as hot runners and temperature controller like Meusburger . In 2018 year, Meusburger with its 1700 employees achieved global annual revenue of 308 million Euro, offering products and services for 21000 customers. In 2017, Meusburger finished a largest extension building in the company's history, in Wolfurt, Austria, with a completion of automatic small parts warehouse. Meusburger started its business in China in 2010, with a subsidiary in Wuxi. According to Michelle Sun, Sales Director of Meusburger Mould and Die (Wuxi) Co.m Ltd, East China and South China are the main focus or Meusburger in terms of geographical areas.” We are also going to North China, where a number of car brand owners set up their plants. And they need high precision manufacturing solutions. In addition to automotive, medical and transportation are also main sectors for Meusburger’ business in China. “ Actually we are not limited to just these end- users, any areas related to high precision manufacturing are our potential markets .” said Matthias G.Adler. Currently, Meusburger has only one subsidiary with two brands Meusburge and PSG in China. PSG develops, produces, and markets hot runner and control systems for the manufacturing of plastic products. It was taken over by Meusburger in 2016. “We will keep on investing in our China subsidiary to achieve an expanded capacity as well as manpower. “said Matthias G.Adler. “Although there is uncertainty for global economy due to trade friction and the automotive market in China is slow down ever since 2018, we are still passive positive. Until the end of this year, we will see a change in market. It is not about the rising of sales figures. But a slightly positive things.” ” Matthias G.Adler continued, “we need to improve our products and services at this tough moment.” Matthias G.Adler emphasized that price is not the only concern for customers, “more and more customers are asking if we can be their partner of molding solutions. They expect our technology to help them improve their efficiency and quality to achieve cost effect.”