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European moulders launch Greek packaging offshoot


Swiss plastics processor Semadeni Plastics Group has formed a joint venture packaging offshoot in Greece in partnership with local packaging producer Ikoplast.

The 50:50-owned trading enterprise Hellas Packaging IKE, located in Thermi, Thessaloniki, is focused on plastic packaging business with the dairy products sector.

Hellas Packaging, also situated in Thermi, was set up following an agreement, formally signed by Ikoplast and Semadeni, which is based in Ostermundigen, Switzerland, in mid December 2017.

From the start of this year, a sales manager for Greece, Vaggelis Xenedis, appointed by the partnership began work at Hellas Packaging.

Initially, it will focus on the sale of a range of plastic packaging products, moulded not by Semadeni but by a number of processors in southeastern Europe, according to regional reports.

Ikoplast is an injection moulder of lidded plastic pail packaging, with capacities ranging from 500ml to 22 litres, and is equipped with modern forming and printing equipment. The firm offers product decoration using screen printing, offset printing and IML.

Ikoplast’s product portfolio includes square pails of 13 and 22 litres designed essentially for the dairy foods industry, in particular for feta cheese.

Its output is largely supplied to Greek customers but also exported to Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Cyprus and Australia. Ikoplast also aims to extend its foreign business to the Balkan countries where it is seeking local representatives.

Ikoplast’s Swiss partner Semadeni Plastics Group uses a variety of technologies including injection moulding, thermoforming and blow moulding and employs a 150-strong workforce.

Semadeni operates at seven different sites in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Greece as well as in Switzerland moulding a range of plastic products for food packaging along with medical, construction, laboratory, garden and industrial applications. Founded in 1952, the group today has an annual turnover of €34.5m.