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Injection moulder invests in Engel machinery for supply to car maker


Essex-based injection moulder Borough Planting has invested in a new Engel 400 Twin Shot injection moulding machine to support the production of interior trim parts for a new all-electric SUV vehicle from “one of the world’s leading marques”.

The investment by one of the leading UK plastic injection moulders and chrome platers was made following a £9m (€10m) contract it has secured.

The new machine creates parts injection moulded using two different plastics to allow them to be selectively chrome plated, so fixing lugs remain flexible.

According to the company, Engel 400 will be central to the production of “at least twelve different interior trim parts” and will further increase its capacity to support the UK automotive supply chain.

“Developments like these shows there’s still a lot of potential for growth and cause for optimism across the sector,” said David Brereton, sales director at Borough Plating, who was referring to predictions of manufacturing difficulties in the UK post-Brexit.