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Roctool supports OEMs with new design team


Photo by Roctool

In response to increasing demand from major brand owners and OEMs, Roctool, the French expert in Heat&Cool technologies, has created a new design team who will address the needs of these customers regarding support on new product development.

The new team will be based in Paris, San José and Chicago. These designers be responsible for understanding the challenges faced by leading brands and guiding them through the innovation steps towards the development of new consumer products, such as automotive applications or consumer electronics.

“We had an increase of OEM/Brand directly requesting information about our moulding technologies, and how we could support them for thin wall applications, top surface quality, moulding new innovative materials and also cost reduction possibilities, such as removing secondary operations,” said Roctool’s CEO, Matthieu Boulanger.

Roctool’s moulding technology is applied in injection moulding, as well as in the compression moulding of composite materials and hybrid moulding. It involves the use of flexible inductors to follow any complex tooling shape, and different metal alloy, dependent on the application. By running a high frequency current through the inductors, eddy currents and joule effects are created, which heat up the mould surface. A fully turbulent flow rate in the cooling water channels ensure efficient cooling of the tool. Cycle time reduction, flow extension and the possibility to mould highly filled materials are among the advantages claimed. Moreover, the company claims the level of tool surface replication goes up to 97.2% with their technology, resulting in premium looks, high gloss surfaces and detailed textures.

“It is critical for Roctool to stay in contact with the latest trends of our key market segments,” said Boulanger. “This new design team can listen to the OEM, understand the product challenges and explore what Roctool technologies can do and support the brands in their search for quality, cost efficiency and differentiation.”