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Swiss Georg Utz completes Polish plant expansion


Photo by Georg Utz

Swiss packaging maker Georg Utz has completed the expansion of its plant in K?ty Wroc?awskie, in Poland’s south-west. The project allowed the manufacturer to double the factory’s floorspace to 12,000 square metres, Georg Utz said in a statement. The expanded plant comprises a new production hall, storage facility and offices. The investment, estimated to be worth close to PLN 24m (€5.3m), was launched last year. “The expansion enabled us to add new injection moulding and thermoforming machinery with a higher efficiency to the existing machine park,” the manufacturer said. “This allows us to expand the product range that is offered in the Polish, Czech and Russian market, as well as increase the elasticity and efficiency of responding to the needs of our clients.” Georg Utz says it specialises in making various plastic packaging products, including containers, pallets and component holders. The Bremgarten-based manufacturer supplies its output to a number of industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, textile, electronics and others, according to data from Georg Utz. The company says its Polish factory is fitted with injection moulding machines enabled with a clamping force of between 25 t and 3,200 t, and it is ISO 9001 certified. The investment was carried out by the Polish subsidiary of Utz Group, Georg Utz sp. z o.o. Construction work in K?ty Wroc?awskie was performed by local company Awbud S.A.