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Maier to expand Czech factory amid improved sales


Photo by Maier Maier makes exterior and interior parts for various car groups.

Spanish car parts injection moulder Maier Group aims to raise the output capacity of its factory in Prostějov, in the Czech Republic, as the plant increased its sales for 2015 to some CZK 529m (€19.6m), up 29.3% compared with a year earlier, reports local news agency ?TK.

The production facility is operated by the company’s local subsidiary Maier CZ s.r.o. In 2015, the Czech offshoot posted a net profit of about CZK 32.6m (€1.2m), an increase of 13.2% compared with a year earlier.

The plant in Prostějov produces car rims and a wide range of plastic interior car parts. The amount of the investment was not disclosed by Maier, but, should the firm obtain all the necessary permissions, it plans to carry out the project in 2018.

To date, Maier has invested about €6m at the Czech plant. Currently, the factory in Prostějov is operated by a workforce of some 209 employees. The plant was launched in 2006, and supplies its output to various car brands, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and ?koda.

Prostějov is located about 229 km from the Czech Republic’s capital Prague.

Maier says it is operated by a global workforce of about 2,300. In addition to its Czech factory, the injection moulder operates subsidiaries in the UK, Spain, Italy and India. Maier is owned by Spain’s Mondragon Group.