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Sonoco expanding injection moulding plants in Germany


Hockenheim-based Sonoco produces injection moulded rigid plastic packaging using advanced in-mould labelling technology at its Zwenkau site.

A multimillion-euro expansion for injection moulded plastic packaging at two sites in Germany will significantly increase production and improve energy efficiency, Sonoco Products said.

The project valued at $9m (€8m) involves two sites in Zwenkau, Germany. Hartsville, South Carolina-based Sonoco has added 25 workers, from 75 to 100, as part of the expansion.

“The sites Zwenkau I and II were already among the most modern and efficient plants in our industry,” said Séan Cairns, general manager of Sonoco Consumer Products Europe, in a news release. “With the current investments we will further extend this lead and react to the rapidly increasing demand for modern plastic packaging in the food market.”

Sonoco makes rigid plastic packaging with in-mould labelling technology at the sites. The company also makes lids for rigid paper containers.

The site known as Zwenkau II previously was used to provide additional capacity to help out when production demand increased. But now the site is operating on a continual basis. Improvements include resin supplied automatically and directly to production lines. Sonoco also constructed additional office space and a high-bay warehouse.

Sonoco Europe is headquartered in Hockenheim, Germany, and is a unit of Hartsville-based Sonoco Products.