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Hungarian plastics innovators win EU project finance


PVC recycler Rolle Plastics of Balotaszállás is one company set to gain from EU funding

Hungarian SME companies, including some involved in plastics processing and recycling, have attracted European Union development grants totalling almost €220m for a range of innovative research projects.

Among the firms is Hungarian polymer and chemicals producer Qualchem Zrt. with a scheme aimed at recovering and recycling the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) component of scrapped automotive windshields.

Qualchem, based at Zsámbék, 30kms west of Budapest, also proposes to reuse the recovered film material for ‘controlled, energy-efficient rear view mirror heating for the automotive industry’.

The EU funds have already been distributed to 247 different small and medium sized Hungarian enterprises for research, development and innovative projects, announced Hungary’s Ministry of National Economy.

In the latest development cycle covering 2014-2020, the sum to be distributed for such projects by the EU is doubled, standing at a total of €2.4bn. The aid is being provided by the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (GINOP).

Other companies to receive EU finance include construction profiles producer and PVC recycler Rolle Plastics of Balotaszállás in southern Hungary.

The firm plans to expand its production complex to extrude “plastics edge protection systems” made with glass-fibre material. Its project also includes the development of prototype systems, according to the government list of aided schemes.

Rolle aims to install new production equipment as well as investing in infrastructure for material handling and machinery for material “refining”. The project, set to increase production capacity, is due to be completed by the end of this year.

Other firms with innovation schemes to benefit from the aid programme include plastics pipe systems extruder Pipelife Hungária in Debrecen and RAK Antenna of Komló, an injection moulder of automotive components which plans a project involving the use of biodegradable polylactide polymer.