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Stabiliser for glass fibre reinforced PP


Songwon's Philippe Schlaepfer at Chinaplas in Shanghai

South Korean additives manufacturer Songwon has introduced a heat stabiliser specifically developed to help the automotive industry meet weight and cost reduction targets.

The company claims its Songxtend 2124 stabiliser improves the long-term thermal stability (LTTS) of both short- and long-glass fibre re-inforced PP grades used in moulded parts for interior applications and can match the LTTS performance of 1,000 hours and beyond at 150°C.

Songwon said the new stabiliser allows moulded parts to be thinner and lighter whilst still having similar mechanical properties as unfilled parts.

Songwon’s leader of global technical service and application development, Thomas Schmultz, said: “Songxtend 2124 demonstrates our drive to support the automotive industry. With this new addition, Songwon now offers a full range of stabilisers for unfilled, talc and glass-filled PP.

“Providing a cost-efficient alternative to the existing solutions available, Songxtend 2124 has already enabled one of Songwon’s global customers to reduce costs in its glass fibre reinforced PP application while exceeding 1,000 hours at 150°C, long-term thermal stability.”