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Yoghurt drinks to go


Lightweight HDPE bottles for Estonian yoghurt firm Valio Eesti

Austria-based packaging firm Greiner has helped an Estonian dairy company to make sustainable packaging for its kefir and yoghurt drinks.

Valio Eesti has been making dairy products since 1992, supplying the Baltic region and Italy. Greiner Packaging has been supplying the firm with 100ml and 300ml low-weight HDPE bottles for probiotic kefir and yoghurt drinks and “shots”.

Valio Eesti also required new packaging for its 300ml yoghurt smoothies, a new sector in the Estonian market.

Günter Ausserw?ger, sales director at Greiner subsidiary Kavo, said: “We were able to use our comprehensive know-how of different plastic processing technologies to implement a sustainable and cost-optimised product solution for our customer. For the 100ml bottle we even developed a unique cap for our customer as the requested standard solution did not exist in the market.”

The 100ml and 300ml bottles are blow moulded with injection moulded closures.