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Union Plastic builds new clean room


Photo by Union Plastic Union Plastics manufactures items for the healthcare sector

France-based Union Plastic, a plastics manufacturer serving the healthcare sector, has announced it has built a new ISO7 clean room of 50 square metres to support its business growth. Henri Huynh, a spokesperson for Union Plastic, told PNE that the company would not discuss how much was invested in the facility.

The clean room will help the company to integrate a production of 5 ml and 10 ml Luer lock injectable syringes and consumables for immune diagnosis, Union Plastic says.

The company’s manufacturing environments (ISO7, ISO8 and ISO9 classes) ensure its products security and avoid additional costs due to an environmental exaggeration, it says.

Union Plastic, states that with the new equipment it maintains its position in the injection moulding in a controlled environment sector. The company produces 1.5 billion parts every year.

Union plastic has been part of the Omerin Group since 2015.

The company has 9 production plants including 6 in France, employs 900 people and states it is expecting €165m in sales for 2016.