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Czech Fatra expands sales and workforce


Fatra product range includes PVC floor coverings

Czech plastics processor Fatra a.s. posted increased revenues for last year, when the firm’s sales expanded to CZK 3.6bn (€132.9m), and created 45 new jobs at its production facility in Napajedla, in the country’s south-eastern part, reports local news agency ?TK.

As a result of the increased demand for its output, in 2015, the manufacturer also managed to raise its net profit by about 10% to some CZK 353m (€13m). More than 75% of the Czech company’s output was intended for export sales to some 50 countries worldwide, according to data from Fatra. Fatra says its product range includes PVC floor coverings, foils, granulate, as well as PE, PET and EVAC foils and sheets, BOPET films, and various other injection moulded and thermoformed products, such as toys, crates, tiles, cups, bowls, lids, panels and profiles. The company also makes its output from PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and ABS. Fatra sells its products to the construction, automotive, healthcare, hygiene, food and other industries. Set up in 1935, Fatra is part of the country’s Agrofert Group which acquired it in 2000. The plastics processor is currently operated by a workforce of 1119 employees. In addition to the factory in Napojedla, Fatra owns a second plant in Chropyně na Kromě?í?sku, in the Czech Republic’s east. Both production facilities are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.