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Roth starts expansion project at German plant


Photo by Roth Roth makes large blow moulded containers and other products at its Wolfsgruben facility.

Family-owned German plastics processor Roth Plastic Technology has announced a new production and storage expansion project at its manufacturing site at Wolfsgruben in Germany’s Central Hesse region.

Directors and executives of the company, the plastics injection and blow moulding subsidiary of Roth Industries, took part in an official groundbreaking ceremony for the scheme on 11 May.

The firm is investing more than €6m on a new 3,650 square foot plant extension with a new production hall and warehousing. Capacity expansion is required as Roth’s plastics processing is growing in response to rising demand for moulded technical components.

Roth will sink over €4m in construction while a further €2m is due to be invested in the acquisition of new processing machinery and other technical equipment, it explained.

The firm is preparing to handle increased annual sales in the medium term following a 16% rise in its 2015 turnover over the figure achieved the previous year.

Roth’s new extension includes a range of sustainable features including a photovoltaic solar power system, a fully biological sewage plant and a floor heating system using excess heat recycled from the injection moulding lines.

The company points out that resource and environmental protection, along with “the maximum use of renewable energy is an integral part of Roth corporate philosophy”.

Its latest investment in plastics will lead to the creation of another 15 jobs, bringing the plant’s total workforce to 175. The new units will be complete and in operation later this year, according to Roth.

“With the business expansion, we will ensure an efficient flow of goods from production to storage and shipping to customers,” said the plant manager, Herbert Blodig.