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Everything Need To Know About Checking Fixture


Have you ever heard about checking fixtures? It is a quality assurance instrument used for verifying the feature of the complex items. It is highly used in the automotive manufacturing process in which it inspects completed pieces of the sheet metal body parts in order to assure all the vehicle has been fixed and aligned properly.

Checking fixture is mainly accessed for the certification of the final product whether it satisfied all the needs to meet the standards. It has a provision of smooth materials and therefore products will have any deformation and scratches by the fixture. We have mentioned everything you need to know about this holding fixture here and therefore keep reading!

Different types of checking fixtures

Take a look at the different types of checking fixtures, which help you understand this holding fixture.

· CMM fixtures
It is composed of fixations and centring elements, which enable to spot the part in the specific space as well as to control it using the CMM machine.

· Cubings
It represents the environment of the assembly or part to be controlled and exact simulation of components, which surrounding the parts. This fixture type includes both fixations and centring elements. It also has controls by the measuring instruments and Go/No Go.

· Check fixtures with digital measuring instrument controls and Go/ No Go
This type of fixture comprises of fixations and centring elements of the parts and has manual controls by measuring device or Go/ No Go to offer accurate digital value than nominal value. It includes digital probe, dial indicator, incomplete, and so on.

· Automated checking fixtures
Like other fixture types, it also has centring elements and fixations but comes with the automated controls in order to obtain the shorter cycle time to enable and control 100percent of the production.

Applications of checking fixtures

Are you thinking about the ways checking fixtures used in the automotive and other sectors? If yes, then read the things mentioned in the below section.
· Checking fixtures are specially designed for repeatability, accuracy, and reliability along with the strong focus on the operator ergonomics
· Engaging with the right manufacturer and supplier render checking fixtures and assembly for vehicle frames as well as body sub-assemblies
· This fixture is also accessible for several varieties of metal and plastic parts such as interior trim, door seals, chassis components, trim, instrument panels, etc.